The Rise of the Sentient "Me"

There is a lot to pay attention to in your life. The world around you has much to offer if you'll only be vigilant enough to remain aware. When you forget to do so, look here and I'll catch you up.

…the YOLO-inspired “life is short” mantra falls short for the ordinary Joe. For while Drake and his “25 mil” are all about YOLO “every day, every day, every day,” you are not Drake nor are you sitting on a cool $25 million. Thus to live a perpetual life of YOLO is simply unrealistic. Instead, as Kevin Spacey’s character philosophizes at the end of American Beauty, one should simply let the immense beauty of the world “flow through you like rain” as opposed to “fill you up like a balloon that’s about to burst.” For while life is short, life is also very long, and it’s kind of cool that we get to live it at all.
BRIAN GORDON - The Cornell Daily Sun


Hai! Sooo.. I decided to do a Tumblr giveaway thing!

Reblog or like this post for a chance to win my pearl necklace. Doing both increases your chances of course ;)

Pink freshwater pears from Russia 24 inches in length. It’s super pretty.

I’ll be choosing a winner on May 13th.

Boys can play too :) You can give the necklace to your mommy or a pretty lady.

Altering this post disqualifies you

The winner will also be receiving a mystery box of mysteriousness.

K bai ^.^

The always-lovely Soya Suicide… Hailing from my homeland of Minnesota!

Always something hidden for the right eyes to find it.

Always something hidden for the right eyes to find it.